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¬°Ay Dios Mio! Carmen Amaya - La Gitana

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As in one's hand a lighted match

blinds you before it comes aflame

and sends out brilliant

flickering tongues to every side --

so, within the ring of the spectators

her dance begins in hasty,

heated rhythms and spreads itself

darting flames around.

And suddenly, the dance is altogether flame!

With a fierce glance she sets her hair alight.

Unexpectedly, she turns with daring artfulness

the swirling flounces of her dress

within this conflagaration,

out of which her upheld naked arms,

clapping the castanets, appear like serpents striking.


And then, afraid her fire were diminishing,

she gathers it all up and flings it down

with an imperious haughtly gesture,

and watches as it lies there

writhing on the ground,

unyielding and unwilling to concede

the dance has ended.


Yet she show victory in her sweet

swift smile as she lifts up her face,

while with her small firm feet

she stamps out the last of the dying embers. 

~ Ranier Maria Rilke



Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Turkey

On this day, gather a variety of fresh thanks for the common blessings of life.  The following make a good combination:

  • That you are even as good looking as you are
  • That whatever life denies you it is sure to push you into opportunities for character growth
  • Thanks for will power
  • For the charm of individuality ~ that which makes you unique in the universe
  •  That your emotional nature is sound and exquisitely responsive
  •  Thanks for friends, and that those who have passed on walked beside you so long
  • Thanks that life has infinite perspective, that though veil after veil be lifted, there's veil after veil beyond
  • Thanks for a growing compassion for the turkey

We rejoice that it has entered the hearts of an entire nation to keep each year a public thanksgiving day.

~ Good Things, Elizabeth Goodhue, 1911