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Roy Rogers and Trigger in The Golden Stallion

Many happy childhood hours were spent watching Roy, Trigger, and that sassy Queen of the Range - my idol - Dale the hills and valleys of Santa Barbara County, streams and mountains and dark oaks still gather old stories and mysteries and haunting songs in their shadows. 

One of my favorite movies of that era was the Golden Stallion. The short movie features Roy, as handsome and humble as ever, who, with his good looks and charm could have any cowgirl in the world.

But he would have none but Dale. And Dale knew how to ride herd on her cowboy like a good cowgirl should.

This story showcases the smartest horse in the movies: Trigger. He, like Roy, is especially handsome, smart, and savvy with the ladies. He is able to calm a rowdy herd of wild horses with just a toss of his mane....

"Why, he's gonna get along all right with that little filly!"

Just like you, Roy. Just like you.

This movie has everything - adventure, mystery, romance, the beauty of the Wild West, and even a few cowboy songs with The Riders of the Purple Sage. 

Roy Rogers encouraged us all to be honest, and true, to be good friends, and citizens, to feed the animals first, and always honor our ma and pa. 

Sit back and enjoy a glimpse at a bygone era. Enjoy the camaraderie, the roping, the riding, the intrigue, and yes, the romance. And while you may be tempted to ride your palomino across the fields at warp speed, remember: 

 “Be brave, but never take chances.” – Roy Rogers Riders Club Rules



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