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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Turkey

On this day, gather a variety of fresh thanks for the common blessings of life.  The following make a good combination:

  • That you are even as good looking as you are
  • That whatever life denies you it is sure to push you into opportunities for character growth
  • Thanks for will power
  • For the charm of individuality ~ that which makes you unique in the universe
  •  That your emotional nature is sound and exquisitely responsive
  •  Thanks for friends, and that those who have passed on walked beside you so long
  • Thanks that life has infinite perspective, that though veil after veil be lifted, there's veil after veil beyond
  • Thanks for a growing compassion for the turkey

We rejoice that it has entered the hearts of an entire nation to keep each year a public thanksgiving day.

~ Good Things, Elizabeth Goodhue, 1911


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