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Cominichi's - Shopping for Vintage in Santa Barbara


Cominichi's 1

Cominichi's is one of Santa Barbara's favorite purveyors of vintage fabulousness.   Owner, Gina Comin, has gathered a unique group of antiques dealers, each of whom has composed an enticing exhibit of vintage collectibles for sale; together, they comprise the Cominichi's experience.

Many eras are represented here.   Whether you have a taste for 19th century dinnerware, 70s era disco shoes, or mid-century home furnishings, Cominichi's can accommodate almost any vintage predilection.

Cominichi's 11

New items are continuously added to the colorful display. Cominichi's vendors perpetually comb Southern California for great vintage finds;  they are passionate curators who uncover the uniquely beautiful, the slightly tattered, the gently aged - all manner of one-of-a-kind antiques and collectibles.

Cominichi's 10

Stop by Cominichi's to search for a specific item - or just to browse.  Try on the rhinestone bracelets, the ethnic necklaces, the mid-century California cowboy shirts with snaps on the pockets.  Find your new favorite vintage Hawaiian shirt for the summer.  Leaf through the vintage books.  Step out to the patio and  have a seat on the dramatic divan.

Cominichi's 4

Cominichi's is community. 

Visit often, get to know Gina and the staff.   Enjoy the constantly changing panorama of beautiful vintage wares.   Discuss your favorite collectibles or antiques with people who share your fascination with all things vintage.

If you are a collector in search of a space to sell your wares, call Gina and chat with her about renting a space - large or small.  Cominichi's is also accepting vintage furniture on consignment.

Cominichi's 8

Cominichi's is now located at 410 E Haley Street.   There is plenty of street parking in front of the store.  If you have any questions, call them at 805 962 1413.

Visit an earlier post I wrote about Cominichi's at Mom's.  At the end of the post, I have included Gina's recollections about Mom's,  the building that was the home of Cominichi's for years before demolition was scheduled.  Gina also  shares some of her childhood memories of the Santa Barbara Italian community, as well as a brief history Mom's Italian Restaurant. 

Cominichi's 2

Be sure to check the Cominichi's website often for updates about special events and new items on display.


Hi, My name is Carl Pierce. I attended St Anthonys Seminary from 1968 thru 1971 and knew the Giovanacci family who ran Mom's Italian Restaurant. I dated Patricia Giovanacci and used to stay with her mother Olga (daughter of restaurant owner "Mom")and father Wilson whenever visiting from my hometown here in Sacramento. For a time I worked in the restaurant to help the family out and earn a few extra bucks. Just wondering if you know the family and if so how they are doing.

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