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The Season of the Autumn Festival and Celebrating Asian Culture in Santa Barbara

Autumn Season


People today see not the moon the ancients saw
And yet this moon shone once upon the ancients.
Ancients, moderns - are like the flowing waters:
All see the bright moon as it is.

~ Du Fu  (712 - 770)

This is the season of the Autumn Festival in China - the Moon Festival -  a time of family celebration, relaxation and feasting.   The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation has scheduled a very special event in this season of family and feasting and celebrating.....

On Saturday, September 11, 2010, The Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation (SBTHP), will host another event in their series entitled:   Sharing Our Common Ground: Asian American History in Santa Barbara County.  The event will be held in the  courtyard of Santa Barbara's  El Presidio (123 E Canon Perdido Street), from 10:ooam until 2:00pm.

This is a day dedicated to learning about the  heritage, native culture, and the many contributions of our Asian American neighbors.  Together, we'll share in another SBTHP event that highlights the  complexity and  diversity of Santa Barbara's residents, and the beauty that has resulted from our shared history.

Seven Lucky Gods

East Canon Perdido Street was once the site of Santa Barbara's Chinatown (south side of the street) and Japantown (north side of the street).    Most of the buildings and physical remnants of the earliest Asian settlements in Santa Barbara have been erased - but together,  we can preserve and honor the spirit and contributions of Asian Americans who lived in these neighborhoods and throughout Santa Barbara County. 

Jimmy's History

We can preserve and honor our collective past.

Join the SBTHP in celebrating the history of Santa Barbara County - and all the people who have made this one of the most beautiful cities on earth.


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