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California Lilac - Ceanothus

Bee and Ceanothus

The California lilac,  (Ceanothus thyrsiflora Esch.) is a showy winter bloomer,  and well merits the attention it receives as an ornamental shrub.   The plant attains a height of ten to fifteen feet,  and the large lilac-colored flower clusters appear before the leaves.

These are frequently gathered in abundance by tourists for showy bouquets.

~ Professor Byron Halstead, "Californian Dry-Winter Flowers", The Popular Science Monthly, 1888


Yes, but Jodi - you have those amazing NS wild blueberries that I have only read wild blueberries in Southern California!

Maybe I'll get to visit your beautiful countryside and try them ~ someday!

Sigh. One of those gorgeous plants that just won't grow in Nova Scotia. So I appreciate yours instead.

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