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December 2009

Santa Barbara - Land of Sunshine


Traveling east from Point Concepcion along the coast of Santa Barbara county some of the most romantic scenery in Southern California is found, with sloping foothills covered with live oaks in the back ground, and the Channel Islands looming up from the peaceful ocean.

Many travelers see a great resemblance between the coast near Santa Barbara and the Bay of Naples....its beauties and attractions may be enjoyed every month of the year....the climate is so mild that sea-bathing is indulged in by all but the most delicate - even at Christmas-time.

The Land of Sunshine, Volumes 1 & 2, Charles Lummis

December 1894

Christmas Angels Descend to Earth....

Angels on Jacob's Ladder

"Christmas in the War-Riven Lands"

Pearl Dougherty, 1917

During the conflict between the countries of Europe,  the approach of Yule tide only brings more keenly to the hearts of the people...a wish for... Peace on earth, good will toward men. 

Nevertheless the loving hearts of the women in the war torn countries strive to bring some good cheer and Christmas happiness to the men at the front, the prisoners in the camps, and the sick on their cots of pain in the hospitals.   Even the tiny fingers of the children help to form the multitude of gifts that are dispatched to the armies.

During the lulls between fighting the men feast and make merry as much as possible, each one celebrating the day according to the customs of his own land.

...Among the Poles it is commonly believed that every Christmas Eve, Christ again returns to earth as a little babe, and on the holy night other biblical occurrences are thought to take place.

The pure in heart are said to be able to see Saint Jacob's ladder and the angels descending to earth to scatter their gifts of peace and love....

Railroad Worker, Volume 22

International Railroad Worker, 1917