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Santa Barbara's Old Spanish Days 2009 - Images of Fiesta

Fiesta Senorita

 Just living in a place is not enough. You can live in a community and not understand it. Just looking at it won't do....Look into the history of the area – why it started, how it developed. The more research you can do about the place, the more you may realize that you don’t know it as well as you thought you did.

Let the subject speak for itself. Be true to the subject. Pretty pictures are only an escape from the subject. Don’t photograph a good-looking branch just because it looks nice; the branch should mean something about the community. Photography is statement; it has to tell us things about a place.

- Berenice Abbott, The Best of Popular Photography, by Harvey V. Fondiller, p. 280

Courthouse Flag

Fiesta Cowboy 652

Earl Warren Fiesta 6

Fiesta Parade 8

Fiesta Parade 16

Fiesta Parade Little Beauty

Selling Cascarones

De la Guerra food 3

Courthouse Noches de Ronda 3

Noches de Ronda Aztec Dancers

Children's Parade 44

Children's Parade 96

Children's Parade 13

Children's Parade 9

Children's Parade 80

Children's Parade 26

Whale's Tail Cafe

Fiesta at Sunset

Children's Parade 22