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I have discovered a large garden of these at Crystal Cove Cottages in one of the dilapidated cottages waiting for renovation. They grow wild there and very tall, I took many images of them yesterday. I hope they don`t kill them all when the construction crews come in net year. I need to find someone who will rescue them as the crew will clear all landscaping to have full access to the cottage. So, I took a few of the poppies up by the roots already and am about to go to the nursery to find the right soil today.

Hi, Wendy -

I believe the best native plant nursery in Santa Barbara County is Manzanita Nursery in Solvang. Bob and Diane have developed an enormous selection of California native plants, and their web page (http://www.manzanitanursery.com/) lets us know that "We Specialize in Rhomneya Coulteri 'White Cloud' selection". Synchronicity.

You will receive excellent advice about planting and care of your natives - and Ron and Diane are just the greatest people.

Best of luck with growing these magical flowers in your own yard!

What a coincidence I just purchased some of these flowers yesterday in Fillmore ca. 93015
they are about the most fragrant flower i have ever smelled, that is what made me purchase them and google the flower so here i am , i would really like to find out where i can purchase some seeds or roots to grow this abundantly fragrant flower.
please contact me @ drodswendy@hotmail.com

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