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Similar Cat name, funny!

thanks for your reply.

I want to say, though, that when I looked at this account again, the history is also embellished.

For Eugenie was not deserted by her courtiers.
In fact, it was the Italian Ambassador, Chevalier Nigra, and the Prussian Ambassador, Richard Metternich, who were the ones to escort her through the Louvre.

Once on the street near the parish mentioned, Eugenie hired a cab and went to Dr Evans, who was the American dentist named.

He DID help her to escape from Paris to the coast safely: a blessing after what had happened to Marie Antoinette. The latter was discovered at Varennes and taken back for the tragic beheading for which she has been pitied ever since.

I have something to email you re Halloween.
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Thank you for your comment, Catya!

The post is a quote, taken in its entirety, from the book, "The Practice of Palmistry". The author is, in fact, purported to be Comte C Saint-Germain, the Ascended Master whom you mention. As you know, many books are attributed to him, as he has been known to dictate the information through others. This is one of those books.

I have revised my post to include a link at the very bottom, that will take you to a digitized version of the actual book, first printed in 1897. Google Books is a site that has over 5 million digitized books on file, so far. And, any book whose copyright has expired and whose information is now in the public domain, is included in full.

Throughout the month of October, 2010, I am gathering bits of the mysterious, the esoteric, the unknown, and offering them to readers so that we may celebrate - and wonder together - at what lies behind the veils that separate the worlds....

You are much more well-versed in the subject of the fate of the Empress Eugenie than I. Although it appears to you that the "tale is too embellished to be as accurate as it could be rendered", I am afraid you will have to take that up with Comte C Saint-Germain.

Happy October - and Happy Halloween!

This is fascinating.
The gypsy DID not make any prediction about BEHEADING!
The Spanish gypsy told the young Eugenia de Montijo, contemplating leaving the world to enter a convent, that she was destined to grace a throne.
There was nothing about a dire fate like that.
Certainly not any date given.
The conversation is entirely apocryphal.
I feel compelled to speak up for the sake of accuracy.

Still what you quoted was fascinating.
Who is THIS Count de St Germain?

I know the spiritual one and the historical Comte, but never heard of this figure.

Frankly it was Our Lady of the Miraclous Medal who told a nun in the Rue du Bac convent of the catastrophe 40 years earlier, in 1830.
Unfortunately this prophecy was never revealed to any official until too late: 1876.

Otherwise, the Franco-Prussian War and Commune could have been averted.

I do believe in palmistry.
But this tale is too embellished to be as accurate as it could be rendered.

I'd like to hear more about the St Germain author.
By the way, Eugenie escaped through the Louvre and exited near the parish church of St Germain l'Auxerrois, as I recall offhand....
A St Germain was always around in Imperial France...!

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