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Nice that you are sharing information with the public on this landmark on the www. I may possibly be a relative, (very distant) as I am descended from the Carrillos and a Covarrubias family, who was from Spain but had lived in Chile, South America. Did the Covarrubias family emigrate from South America to California? Do you know?


You can contact the Santa Barbara Historical Museum at 805-966-1601.

my name is celia santos covarrubias doughter of josefina covarrubias she went to the historical museum in santa barbara in the 80's and was held back because there was a painting that resembeld her mier image of her face. The museum wanted to interview my mother but she was to shoken up over the painting have not seen it since...any advice...covarrubias0975@yahoo.com thank you for your time

Hello, I am a member of the Covarrubias Family. How do I get to the Adobe because I want to be able to show my daughter our heritage. I also want to take my parents, Joseph and Beatrice Covarrubias- where my dad has relatives' buried in one of the family crypts and the Santa Barbara Mission. Thank you so much!

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